A lost toy

We got up early and packed, then drove up to Hurricane Ridge. I’d expected another woody trail beneath the treeline, but after fourteen miles of driving uphill we found ourselves in a snowy expanse, looking down across the peninsula. It was gorgeous, although the girls seemed most focussed on picking up bits of ice and dropping them.
We drove down to Sequim and had lunch, then headed to the Game Farm, where there were a selection of bears, yaks, llamas and bison to look at. From your car. I’ve never been to a safari park before and I had visions of monkeys destroying our car, but instead we had placid bison sticking their entire heads in our windows to eat bread. Almost as worrying, but we survived. The girls were very, very happy with the huge, black tongued brutes, so that’s one to repeat.

Then the long drive home, stopping again in Port Gamble to buy more wool and muck about on the climbing frame. We got the girls bags of angora wool scraps, not realising these cost twice what a regular ball of wool does, and they’re only using them to make bedding for other stuffed toys. I really need the girls to learn to knit before this bankrupts us.

And then home, and as we began to unpack the car, the dread realisation came to us that we’ve mislaid one of Destroyer’s bunnies, the one she got at Easter this year and treasured, and which appears to have gone AWOL somewhere between Port Angeles and here. So there may be a few years tomorrow if she discovers before we can get a replacement from Amazon…

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  1. Thank goodness for Amazon Prime and a good storyteller dada.. maybe the one about having a few extra days holiday to meet up with the unicorns ?

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