A lot of travel

We packed up in a cloud of mist and drove down to Raymond, a small "city" in the middle of nowhere in Washington, where we had breakfast and then I took the kids to play in the park while my wife did the laundry. I had a call with our builder to update on the house project (apart from a strike by the concrete people, all is going according to plan) so that went well while the girls amused themselves, and then I left La Serpiente folding socks in the laundromat to escape the heat, while Destroyer and I went on a short walk and ended up buying toy caterpillars.
Then a fifty mile drive to Ocean Park, to a lovely private campsite. We arrived just before two other people and their enormous Bernese dog, which the kids were in love with. We reassembled our damp tent and then drove to Long Beach to get dinner.

Long Beach reminded me of Hastings or Blackpool or another gone-to-seed seaside towns. Lots of candyfloss, bad tattoos, shops selling knick knacks and crowds. I had an acceptable green curry, La Serpiente had pizza, and then we all had ice cream and walked up to Long Beach.

Long Beach is (allegedly) the longest beach in the US. The walk to the actual beach may be the longest, a mile trudge towards sand and more mist. I slinked off and bought chocolates instead.

We drove back about 8, the girls played with the dog again, and then as I tried to put them to bed at 9, Destroyer broke down in tears, complaining that we never give her time to play and we’re always in the car. Ok, she was very tired but we have been driving a lot lately; we’re resolving to always do two-night or longer stays from now on. Eventually, she slept, and then we could too…

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  1. Everyone needs time to “stop & stare”. In Destroyer’s case this probably meant admiring that huge dog. Hastings I am told is a-changing. Our friend’s son ( the graffiti artist) has been commissioned to paint in the artisan area.

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