A meeting of minds

After a long day of doing nothing apart from swim in the hotel pool and wander around small parts of Centralia, we got the girls to leave the hotel room for dinner. They sprinted down the corridor, as they only go at two speeds, stationary and 100mph, and then they collided. I looked down for a moment, looked up to find them both weeping in pain. Somehow they seem to have hit each other in such a way that I’d they don’t both have black eyes on the first day of school, it will be a miracle.
So, some more shrieking, which gradually subsided as we gave them dinner. Otherwise it’s been a good day: two hours in the pool this morning, while I was still basically comatose, and then a visit to a park in the afternoon for a few hours, where we saw arguing ducks, and then went to the factory outlets to score a pair of shoes for La Serpiente and clothes for both of them.

Tomorrow we drive back to Seattle. This month has been a true luxury and I wonder how I’ll adjust to being back at work. For some idiotic reason I’ve chosen to start back on the same day that the girls do – it’s going to be an interesting morning that day, for sure…

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