A moment of clarity

The air cleared some time around 2pm today; we’re now back below 100 on the PM2.5 index, which hopefully means we can go outside with the girls after a week and a half. Except now it’s raining, but it feels ungrateful to complain about that.
The girls woke me at 3, 5 and 6 today, and although I was meant to be tending to them, I fell asleep on the sofa at 10am, a fairly broken man. La Serpiente did some maths exercises with me, which she’s quite keen on. The English, less so. I’m working on her reading books to me aloud, and trying to teach her about inflection and tone and not just reading three sentences at a time and ignoring every full stop and comma.

After a week of eating carefully, we went all in on ice cream and cookies again. I bought the girls Trolls II to watch, although then, because they’d complained about struggling to cope with hour after hour of online school, we told them they had no more screen time. Cruel parents…

Hopefully this weekend we get to go out for a hike and properly exhaust everyone. Onwards, ever onwards.

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