A Monday

Back to work after ten days away, and there were only 250 emails to sift through, respond to or delete. I made some progress there but the adjustment from not having to do anything in particular to having to do things was a bit onerous. By six this evening I was done, and ventured downstairs to be with the children.
They, of course, ignored me, because it was sunny and they wanted to play in the park. A bit of TV later, I had them in their beds and then wasted the rest of the night lying on the sofa. Remember the days when I had an MBA to stress over?

I drank some cider, watched some TV, played a bit of Blood Bowl (lost both times, but them’s the breaks) and then put the bins out. Altogether, as great a Monday as it could be, I guess.

Meanwhile my climbing gym has reopened. It is only available by appointment, to reduce the risk of infection, and it’s a twenty minute drive to get there, so I may be waiting until I have my car before I go, but green shoots of recovery, right?

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