A new arrival

I got a voicemail today telling me that my cat was ready to pick up from the animal shelter, now that the ulcer in his mouth was healed. So this afternoon I drove up to Lynnwood to collect "Jasper" (his true name, Frogmorton Featherstonehaugh Foreman The Furst, was strangely not listed on his particulars). After half an hour of waiting, he was delivered to my care in a medium sized carrier, and then he cried all the way back to Ballard, clearly not an animal happy with small enclosures.
While he gets used to us, he’s staying upstairs with me. I let him out once today to explore the downstairs but the combination of space and mess seemed to make him anxious, so we’ve stayed upstairs, where he’s mostly been happy, playing with his catnip carrot and purring a lot, and then jumping on top of various bits of furniture.

He’s yowled quite a bit, but I’m hoping we get through this first night together, and that we can have the air con soon so that both of us don’t have to contend with this muggy heat much longer.

Meanwhile, the deck on the balcony is complete, so we’re clearly getting closer and closer to completion. I can’t relax yet, but soon….

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