A new bike

I’ve been meaning to upgrade Destroyer’s bike for a little while; she inherited La Serpiente’s bike when we bought her new one, and although they both love riding a blue bike emblazoned with a princess, it is small, heavy, and lacks gears. The local bike shop has sold out of new children’s bikes, but they had one second hand 20" Raleigh bike available. With Destroyer growing like a weed, suddenly this fit her.
Better yet, the bike is both pink and has leopard print, so she was super happy. We rode up to the bike shop on 85th, she rode it in circles a few times and once we were sure it fit, I paid for it and took the girls for hot chocolate, just as the rain crashed down on us. I didn’t fancy having her ride an unfamiliar bike in a storm, so I figured I’d go back later to collect it.

Fast forward to 5 this afternoon and I had to ride to order the weekly pizza, then sprint fifteen blocks north to get the bike just before the closed, and then ride back again, holding onto the handlebar of Destroyer’s bike with one hand, trying not to crash. This was harder than anticipated, but I got home and, as the sky turned blue again, Destroyer happily circumnavigated the park over and over again, while I returned to the pizza shop.

So I now have both girls on solid, modern bikes. And with Radbikes putting on a sale this weekend, maybe I upgrade my wife to electric

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  1. Nice bike, hope you all have many fun times. Nice comment from your mum too. I had a sudden memory this afternoon about getting either A level or GCSE results, and my mum’s response: “See what a good thing it was I always told you to work so hard.”

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