A new car

I finally got around to exchanging our rental car today, swapping a filthy Ford miniature SUV with a bust windscreen wiper for a shiny new Cadillac with leather everything. The flaw of the Cadillac is that it’s a traditional sedan and so the seat is at least a foot lower than the Ford was. Somehow I didn’t clock this and when I got in, I sat down at the height I’m used to and then fell through space until I arrived in the seat. So that was … Interesting.
The only thing I really don’t like about the new car is that I can’t find the trip computer to reset it to zero, which messes with my obsessive compulsive desire to know how much I’ve driven since we got our first rental (2,100 miles in the Ford, and I expect at least another two weeks with this one …

I had two games of Blood Bowl tonight – the one that should have mattered, I won 2-0. The next one I played I lost 5-0, and the only good I can extract from that is that it wasn’t 6-0. Definitely room to improve there. But now, to bed.

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