A night of slight disappointment

Today I didn’t manage to unpack as many boxes as yesterday; perhaps exhausted by that effort, all I wanted was to play Blood Bowl, hang out with friends and play a little bit of banjo too.
Still, I couldn’t shirk my duties entirely. I rearranged the boxes in the living room so it’s possible to get from one side of the room to the other.

I also mistyped "boxes" as "furniture" the first time I wrote that. It’s pernicious that brown cardboard has become as much a part of the furnishing of our house as anything else. Knowing my mind is polluted by this gives me yet more reason to tidy the dratted things away.

I also finished watching The Umbrella Academy tonight. Sadly, I feel disappointed more than anything else. After the season started with such promise, the last three episodes have been weak. Weak plotting, weak chi, weak dialogue. Weak, weak, weak. It should be no surprise that the book is better than the adaptation, but I always held out hope. On to the next wonderful thing…

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