A normal long day

I had a call with my New York team this morning. Unfortunately, it was at 930 am. New York time.

So I extricated myself from Destroyer’s clutches at 6 am, went downstairs, had a rather strange call, then went back to bed for an hour before getting up to take Destroyer to preschool.

I dropped her off at 9,just before I had another call. I drove in ever increasing circles til I found somewhere to park, then tried to dial into the call.

Except my phone had vanished. I got out of the car. I checked all my pockets. No phone. I looked in the boot. No phone. I swore. I began to plan to drive back to the school to look for where I must have dropped it.

And then I saw it had fallen down between the centre console of the car and my seat, and it was stuck I fumbled picking it up, scrabbled around, finally got on the call ten minutes late. But I made it, which seems to count.

After that, the rest of the day was much simpler or calmer. I worked, I picked Destroyer up, I worked some more, I played two games of Blood Bowl where I didn’t lose my mind with rage (1-1, 1-0 loss) and now it’s time for bed. The day was almost normal.

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