A nothing day

Destroyer had a cough and this made her wake up in the night (totally uncharacteristic behaviour for her) and in turn that meant she slept in our bed and I got to sleep next to La Serpiente in a freezing cold room, even when I pulled the blanket over me. Thankfully, we all managed to get up on time this morning, but I was feeling a little bit foggy today.

Thus, I don’t feel I achieved as much today as I should have done. I got to fiddle around with a few things and learn a bit, and I got to give some feedback on some products and catch up on some things I should have done earlier in the week, but it was hard. I suppose this is partly a function of having two weekends this week. Next week, I’ll have jet lag instead, which will be just as much fun.

After work I had a single beer and this made me hideously drunk, to the point where I was hardly capable of cooking some peas when I got home. I’m such a lightweight. It was my turn to put the girls to bed and I woke again at 9:30, both arms numb from having a child pressed against each, and then staggered out to play a couple of games of Blood Bowl and fail to pack for my flight. Or for my run tomorrow.

So, in the interest of getting up in the morning, I’ll cut this short and go straight to bed…

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