A parade

There was the 17 May Parade in Ballard today, which is something to do with lots of people with Norwegian ancestry living here. That meant we went down to watch an alnost neverending stream of marching bands from all over the state march down the street, along with a succession of Volvos, Viking ships pulled by trucks, and the occasional troll. As there were people throwing out free candy, our two kids were quite manic with energy. La Serpiente could have ridden her unicycle but declined – I’m not quite sure why she’s lost enthusiasm for the one wheeled way of life.
I also managed to run our car against another car while I was parking and scratch the paintwork, which wasn’t so great. Our car is pretty much unmarked but I left a note under the windscreen wipers of the car I scraped – it looks minor, but we’ll see how that turns out.

In the evening, with the kids asleep, I started sticking together some of the tiny giant robots from my new game. That was a fun distraction for an hour or two – only five and a half left to stick together. And then to paint. Yikes. Not sure I’ll doing anything else for the next two weeks …

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