A quiet time with the kids

This afternoon I had the girls to look after and entertain, because my wife went off to seek human contact on her own. Destroyer didn’t want to go out so it ended up being just me, my dad and La Serpiente.
We walked up a big hill, La Serpiente constantly demanding that we swung her in the air, and then into Kelsey Park, where there’s a frankly terrifying climbing frame that she’s obsessed with. She climbed up it three times, after which my heart was in my mouth and so I bribed her to stop with the offer of cake.

Sadly, it turns out she doesn’t like Jamaican Ginger Cake, and so then we walked off round the park, inadvertently starting a fight amongst various waterfowl when we threw some bread to them. After that excitement, I took her to the High Street for a snack (chocolate cake) and she bought her sister a present in one of the charity shops.

Then it was just another long walk home, where I plonked her down with her sister, fed them pasta, let them watch some television and then had a teary hour where La Serpiente was too tired to function but also too tired to notice or admit this. At least when I got both girls to bed they went down fast.

I had the rest of the evening to do as little as possible, until my wife came home, and then I fell asleep. The end.

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