A rainy day

More rain, yet more rain… I couldn’t sleep last night so I went down to the sofa to read. La Serpiente soon came down to find me, and then snuggled up to me, which meant I couldn’t read or sleep, so I took her back to her bed, and then I fell asleep there.
With the constant rain, the children couldn’t go outside and so got a little antsy. At least by lunchtime the sun had returned and we could go for our usual bike ride, but La Serpiente refused to ride her bike and so I had both of them on the back of my cargo bike again. Exercise for one of us.

Work felt lopsided today; little in the morning and then a gradual acceleration until by 5pm I was beset with every possible thing happening at once. I made some time to practice my banjo, then put the girls to bed, watched Westworld, and now here I am, ready to sleep again. Although I imagine I’ll go up to bed and find it full of children…

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