A reaction

Stupidly, I unpacked some boxes and raised lots of dust this evening, just before I was planning to go to bed, and provoked a reaction to (I imagine) something mouldy. So now, instead of going to bed, I have a sore throat and keep sneezing. Such fun.
I played two games of Blood Bowl tonight and won both. The first one was against somebody I’d played months ago (and drew 1-1) whereas tonight I won 2-0, so that felt like I was making progress. Then I played somebody else for a practice game and beat him 3-1, and mortifyingly for me he then declared he was giving up playing the game completely. Which is a sad thing – I didn’t like feeling responsible for destroying somebody’s enjoyment.

As penance, I went and unpacked some boxes. Which leads to me sneezing.

I also practiced the banjo a bit. I have been learning rolls (there are several kinds) and trying to use a metronome to practice. Slow and steady, slow and steady.

Anyway, to bed now. I hope my antihistamines kick in soon and end this horrid feeling.

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