A recovery day

For the last few weeks we’ve been building up to an important meeting with a client, and we had that today. It went as planned, which was almost anti climactic – after all that prep, I was half expecting the ceiling to fall in, or to trip walking into the meeting room and headbutt somebody, or something else equally ridiculous. But no. Things went fine.
I was, therefore, a bit exhausted and spent the rest of the day a bit wobbly and struggling to concentrate. I went home, had a good chat with an amiable Lyft driver, and then took the kids to the park while my wife disassembled boxes for somebody to take away.

A large fluffy black cat began to prowl around our porch, demanding to be stroked and trying to get into the house. We christened it Beelzebub because it was satanically black, and it went away and rolled on its back demanding we tickled its tummy.

Then I went inside, put the kids to bed, and spent an hour writing rules for my Blood Bowl tournament, and then went to bed. Tomorrow, I expect to do more exciting things, or be less tired…

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