A ride and a movie

I took the girls on a long bike ride this afternoon. Giving La Serpiente a rest after her crash yesterday, they both rode on the back of my bike and we went up to the ridge where the zoo is, down some very steep, long hills, and down to Lake Union, which we rode all the way round. Ager about an hour the two of them began to get peevish and argumentative, which implied I’d delayed slightly too long in giving them snacks. We got home without major incident (about 13 miles, all told) and then ate pizza.
Saturday night is movie night, so we served them a third slice of Lego: the Lego Batman movie. Again, this turned La Serpiente into a blubbering mess when Batman sends his friends away to try to protect them. I had dozed off, full of pizza and beer and tired from the ride, so I woke to both girls looking aghast, tears streaming down La Serpiente’s face.

So maybe not ready for this sort of film just yet.

They went to bed after some cajoling, which gave me the evening back. Well, from 9pm,anyway,so I comfort ate chocolate and grazed on crisps, and now it’s bedtime…

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