A rush through the day

The children woke me up about 5 today, probably just because they could, and then I played four games of Blood Bowl pretty much back to back, because I’m part of a two day tournament being played online. I lost my warm up 2-1, drew the next 1-1, wiped an entire opposing team out and won 1-0, then lost 3-0 in 45 minutes. So that was quite efficient, and then I do it all again tomorrow.
The girls were good. Shut in today because of the rain, they made do with some new Lego (Destroyer had a particularly impressive shark) and stopped occasionally for snacks. I took them out for a walk while my wife napped this afternoon, and then to give me time to practice my banjo we plopped them down in front of Disney+ to watch Frozen II. So no complaints there.

Putting them to bed, La Serpiente went to sleep fast, while Destroyer came up with more crazy questions, like how thermostats work, and how we grow teeth, and when can I stop being allergic to horses so she can have pony lessons, and what about a green and white and blue Chinese sea dragon as a pet, and can she have a cat and a renovation and please stop talking my child I need to sleep… And on and on and on…

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