A Saturday of brain exhaustion

I got up early, just before my alarm went off, drove down to Seattle and picked up a friend, and then drove back up the freeway to Everett, for four games of Blood Bowl in the banquet room of the Evergreen Lanes bowling alley.
Six hours later I left, brain fried from all that concentration and stress, having drawn three games and lost one; a creditable result for my Wimbledon-themed Orc team.

Back home, my wife was worn out from managing the girls all day, so I took them on a quixotic quest for doughnuts (too late, all the doughnut shops were shut, so we had cupcakes instead) then came home, had a long argument about peanut butter, put the girls to bed with a combination of pig stories, Chaucer and Alice in Wonderland, and then zonked out in front of the television while scheming on my planned tournament for October.

And so to bed. I’ve learned things about Blood Bowl, I really must write them down when I’m not exhausted…

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  1. Wimbledon themed orcs – how very interesting. Do they wield tennis racquets instead of ……? And are they dressed in green & purple outfits ? How very apt, as we are approaching Wimbledon fortnight here in good ol’ Blighty. No luck in the ballot for us this year. But have managed to acquire them for Eastbourne this week. Super excited.

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