A short drive

We got up late today, stuffed the girls in the car, and headed off to the ferry to get to a hike up near Port Townsend. It took about 40 minutes to get to the Everett Ferry Terminal.
Unfortunately, we were meant to go to the Edmonds Ferry Terminal, thirty minutes south of Everett. With the ferry leaving in thirty five minutes, I put my foot down and we rushed down to Edmonds … Just in time to miss the ferry.

Still, half an hour later another ferry departed, so we weren’t too far behind schedule. We drove out to a lighthouse on the top left corner of Washington, and spent a couple of hours walking around in freezing cold weather, while kite surfers showed off and birds watched us disdainfully.

With the wind getting colder and rain falling, I promised the kids I’d buy them hot chocolate in Port Townsend. We drove there, to find the usual cafe we went to was shut. I had the devil of a time explaining to Destroyer that she couldn’t walk down the street in driving rain and not wear her raincoat. Oh, the joy…

We’d taken our friend’s son with us, while she drove independently, so in return she took La Serpiente and Destroyer and my wife and I went driving to every cidery on the Olympic Peninsula, eventually driving back to the ferry with a car clinking, eighteen bottles of cider in the back.

Driving back, the weather was pure filth, but we made it back through the dark and the rain. My wife fell asleep next to Destroyer in her bed, and I was left to watch garbage on TV. It’s a good life.

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