A Shorterned History of Western Philosophy

Today I had to give a five minute presentation on anything I held dear, so I did 300 seconds on Western Philosophy, with 15 accompanying PowerPoint slides. It’s hard to get everything in there, but I managed to include conceptions of God, Descartes’ cogito, blaming Friedrich Nietschze for hipster moustaches, blaming Dutch statisticians for hell, and advising against getting up early in the morning to teach any princesses of Denmark about mathematics.

So, a normal day, basically.

I think it was fairly well received. People came up to me afterwards to say they’d understood one word, although sometimes that word was "moustaches" and sometimes it wasn’t, so it’s hard to say exactly what the impact of my presentation was. Perhaps we’ll find out some day.

I also got told I was looking muscly. The other week my doctor told me I was looking buff, so that’s now two data points (three, if you include my phone’s auto correct, which suggests the next word after "my doctor told me I was looking" should be "buff") but again, I assume that means the climbing is having an effect on my physique. Or I should stop wearing really tight shirts.

After a long day of meetings, I had a big glass of gin, three glasses of wine and then staggered home to find everyone had gone to sleep without waiting up for me. Unsociable swines, my family.

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