A shot of adrenalin early on

Friday came, and with it La Serpiente, climbing into bed to hug me. I went downstairs and slept on the sofa, until my wife woke me up and sent me to bed. And then an hour later woke me, panic-stricken, as she realised our friends from Vancouver were driving down to stay with us today, and not tomorrow.
Five hours of high stress tidying followed, after which the house was tidier than it’s been since we moved in. Recycling chucked away, surfaces in the kitchen clear of detritus, floors swept, books in the bedroom back on shelves, toys out away.

Our friends arrived, and as they have three boys and we have two girls, most of the tidying was a moot point as they pulled the house apart again, but we had gin and beer to anaesthetise ourselves.

I’m still feeling rough (a headache, possibly the result of coffee withdrawal) but my ear doesn’t hurt any more, I’m just highly sensitive to noises. Like our children screeching.

Tonight, it took me until 10pm to get Destroyer to sleep. We have five kids in the bedroom, so hopefully they’ll all keep each other asleep until morning.

Yeah, right…

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