A slow Wednesday

I woke up on the sofa at 630 this morning, and then my wife, accompanied by both children, sent me upstairs to get some more sleep. I don’t think it helped much; I was exhausted all day, to the point where I didn’t do my run tonight. Perhaps tomorrow I’ll be back to being in better shape.
For some reason, La Serpiente became obsessed this evening with how many snacks she’d had, and demanded more snacks for dessert. We’ve tried to institute that they only get fruit for dessert, except on extra special occasions, but she felt that not having had four granola bars today entitled her to another. Cue ten minutes of screaming and crying, something I thought she’d got out of. But that’s what happens if you’re seven years old and you’ve been awake for thirteen hours.

Other than this, and being so tired I could hardly think, a decent day. Nothing was horrible, nothing was exactly wonderfully exciting. Maybe I need more coffee tomorrow.

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