A spectre of the future

The blue skies have departed Seattle, and it’s back to being cold and rainy. Getting my morning coffee, I was told about June-unary, the Washington phenomenon where you get a few good weeks of weather in early May, before winter returns with a vengeance. We’ll, the good side of this is that in time, the family will arrive and it will get warmer. If they’d arrive and it had steadily got colder all year, think how mad they’d have been.
I had a long day today, playing with data and then with my computer and sundry peripherals, before finally going home. I made the mistake of drinking too much coffee today, which I hope has no bad pay off. Let’s see how I sleep tonight…

It’s raining now and it’s dark and cold, but this I like in small doses, while it’s still exotic. Let’s reassess in a year’s time.

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