A start to the week

My wife had her second dental appointment this morning, and so after a night where Destroyer slept sideways across our bed, and La Serpiente had me up and down for half the night, I sprang out of bed this morning to drive her down to the dentist in the pouring rain.
Destroyer was looking pallid and wan, so I warned her teacher she wouldn’t be in attendance. Destroyer sat on our sofa, looked at me, and then vomitted everywhere; in not sure if it was because she was sick, or because she was upset to miss school, or both, or neither.

I got her to the bathroom in time for her to be sick again, and then I spent the next hour in a phone call while trying to console my unhappy daughter. Then it was back down in the rain to fetch my wife, and then after that I left her propped up in the kitchen with valium still coursing through her veins, and tried to make my way through the day.

Perhaps understandably, I didn’t make that much progress today, except to review the estimate from our builder, which now looks to be almost a quarter of a million dollars just to raise the house and do the foundation, before you think about fitting things out, adding the extension or anything else. Looking down the barrel at half a million to upgrade the house begins to make the project look much less feasible; but then we have to think about what we do instead. Oh, problems…

Positives: now up to three games of Blood Bowl played, two wins, no losses. So this is the best start to the year ever. Just not when you come to think about building.

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