A sunny day

After yesterday’s summer day, the weather was meant to be warm but overcast, and so it was a little disorienting when it turned out to be sunny again today. I skulked in my office at the back of the house, trying to ignore the weather.
Concerned at last week’s diagnosis of high cholesterol, I tried to eat better today: oatmeal and black coffee for breakfast, then a lunch of spinach and tomatoes and olive oil, and not just stuffing my face with cheese. I’m not sure a single day is enough to reverse three years of pizza and doughnuts, but you have to start somewhere.

This afternoon, I picked up La Serpiente from school and drove her to Phinney Ridge, where she got an ice cream. I had intended to take her with me to the pharmacy when I went to pick up my prescription, but I totally forgot to do that. So she benefited from my amnesia, I guess.

Later this evening, I got the kids to bed, then did half an hour of VR exercise to thrash metal, which left me broken. When Slayer is the warm up track, it should be obvious it’s going to be hard going. Then we watched the misery fest that is The Time Traveller’s Wife, while I continued assembling tiny giant robots. A good start to the week, I think …

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  1. Glad you’re finding sunshine. We saw some yesterday, but today contented ourselves with free ponchos and a deluge aboard a Padden Boat. Do google them.

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