A sunny Sunday

Again, rain was promised, and failed to deliver. The afternoon was gorgeous sunshine, even if the morning, when I took the girls down to get their weekly hot dogs from Ballard Farmers Market, was foggy and damp.
So we had a nice day. La Serpiente continued to do great things on her unicycle, Destroyer was sweet and loving in the morning and growling by the afternoon, and a friend brought us round some ice cream. It felt like a normal day in June, which was a strange thing after the month (and year) everyone has been having.

So I read a bit, failed to think about the PowerPoint deck I need to do to finish off my MBA once and for all, and played some Blood Bowl. My last game of the night, with my joke team, made me laugh uproariously, even as I slumped to a 4-0 loss. If you can enjoy the game more than your opponent does, you’re still winning.

And now, to bed, ready to start tomorrow fresh and resdy.

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