A tired end to the week

It was a strange Friday. I worked from home because I had lots of calls to take all morning, and then at lunchtime I had a session at the climbing wall. After yesterday’s swimming and Wednesday’s class, I hadn’t properly recovered. There were some interesting things I could do with a slightly fiddly 17 (which showed I’ve now got both good grip strength and more mobility in my hips) but I could hardly manage a press up, which indicates I’m lacking some gross strength. It’s not really a good thing to have strong fingers and weak back muscles – if anything, that probably makes you more susceptible to strain injuries from making your fingers do the work your back should take on.

Anyway, after that I went back home, slept for an hour and then had some more phone calls. I had entertained thoughts that working from home would allow me to concentrate on work, but I suppose it did. Meetings are work too.

In the evening I’d planned to meet friends, but they suggested we meet at Mr Stork. I didn’t realise this was a rooftop bar and thought they’d gone vaguely mental, so I decided to stay home with Mrs Flamingo and Brother Penguin, until they changed tack and came down to Tanjong Pagar, where I met them for drinks and pizza.

Well, I say pizza. We went to the Fat Prince first, but it was full, so we were reduced to standing outside and peering through the window, like a bunch of idiots presented with an aquarium full of drunk people. After half an hour of that, we went to Pizza Operetta, which was the third night on the trot I’d ended up there, and possibly why I keep getting heavier and not lighter every day.

We considered going to the cinema, but an 11pm showing of Jurassic World and my hope to go running in the morning wouldn’t gel. Somehow, I persuaded everyone back to my place and we played Exploding Kittens, and I lost both games, which shows sportsmanship/great ability as a teacher/incompetence on my part. Where’s the positive interpretation, again?

I kicked them all out and went to bed. Surely on Saturday I’ll be at full power again.

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