A topsy turvy day

It’s been a strange day. I started off in a big grump because there was a meeting at 9am that I didn’t want to have to go to, but I rushed down to the office for it and then realised it was at 9:30 and I was probably also in a bad mood because I was hungry. So breakfast solved for that, and then the meeting went better than expected.
It was also my three year anniversary today, and I was given a bottle of pink champagne to celebrate, so that was nice. I’ve not being given booze for doing my job for a long time.

Then I had three clashing meetings of differing levels of fun and excitement, and that was enervating, but then… Our house finally closed, so at 3pm I was the owner of a quarter of a house in America. (The bank owns the rest.) At about the same time, my computer decided that now was the time to start crashing, in a multitude of aggravating ways, which took the shine off the day for me again.

I went home to look after the kids while my wife went to our house with some of her stuff. Cue two hours of her meeting our new and ever so voluble neighbours, while I did things like set up our sewerage account and try to talk her through a reading of our recalcitrant water meter. (Such things in America are much harder to locate than I’ve been used to.)

I had another call, tried to persuade the children to stop watching TV, and then put them to bed while my wife came in, and then went out again to the shops. Tomorrow morning she’s taking the kids to LA so it was time to buy snacks.

We watched an episode of the Umbrella Academy on Netflix (I’ve just read the comic, and more of that later) and then went to check in for the flights tomorrow.

And then I discovered that the flight was booked for 855pm, not am, which was a total screw up, and because the flights are non changeable, had to spend all the air miles I’ve accumulated in the last five years to book new flights, departing at 750am tomorrow. How I detest countries who fail to use 24 hour clock notation.

Now it’s 130am, I’m full of stress and in four hours time we wake up to go to the airport. It really has been a lot of ups and downs in the last 24 hours. I’ll laugh in the future, I’ll have to.

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