A two coffee day

For some ineffable reason I woke up today at 5, misread my watch and thought it was 6, and by the time I realised my mistake I was awake, so I played a game of Blood Bowl against a chap in Sweden and then took La Serpiente to get coffee for my wife, who was still asleep, as it wasn’t even seven.
I did some of the things I set out to do today. I did something sort of interesting with data, solving a very manual process with quite a manual process, and now I need to think about how I make that better and also use it for something. I had some meetings (in one of which we had a strange metaphor about how advertising is like propositioning people), worked on an accounting case study, and flapped about a bit. And drank four shots of espresso, which may have been too many.

Tomorrow is La Serpiente’s birthday, and all her presents arrived in the mail at work at once, so I had the fun task of wrapping them at my desk. Corporate sticky tape is higher quality than my usual tape, so hopefully the parcels remain intact when we all wake up at 4 tomorrow.

Of course 11pm Singapore time, which was when La Serpiente was born*, is only 7am Seattle time. So perhaps it’s appropriate if she wakes us all up then.

  • Roughly. It all gets a bit vague right now…

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