A very long drive

School finished early at 1:25 today, and then we bundled the girls into the car and drove up to the Edmonds ferry terminal. Where there was a two hour wait to get on a ferry, so we drove for an hour down to the Seattle ferry terminal and waited an hour there for a different ferry, and then drove for what felt like an eternity to the campsite that we’re staying at for one night before going on to the Hoh Rainforest.
Five minutes before we arrived, I realised we’d forgotten to bring any pillows. This is annoying, but not insurmountable.

Ten minutes later, I discovered I’d forgotten to pack our inflatable mattress, purchased at great expense in Portland last year when our previous one developed a puncture. So for three nights in the rainforest I’ll be sleeping on the cold, hard ground. This may be a challenging time in the woods…

The girls didn’t complain, but then they got to stay up to 9pm, feeding a donkey and some goats, so what was there to complain about? And then there was a rapid crash, falling from the heights of sugar and animals, into pre-bedtime wailing. Mercifully short.

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