A visit to the bookstore

I had the day off work to look after the kids, and although I struggled for most of it, one highlight was taking the girls to the bookstore. The latest Dragon Masters book has just been released, along with some more Geronimo Stilton, so the girls got those and were very happy, and I picked up a book that was referred to as Edward Gorey like, and including killer wasps, and a sapphic romance in a boarding school, so what more could you want?
Destroyer has me reading a book called Magic Bunnies, with worrying subtexts. There are good (white) bunnies and evil (dark) bunnies, who are irredeemable, and the human cast is entirely white, which makes you think on how Dragon Masters does a good job of (a) diversity of characters and (b) showing that people in positions of power are not necessarily trustworthy, and not having simple Manichean definitions of good and evil.

But Destroyer likes books about bunnies with badly placed adjectives, so this is a struggle.

In the evening they had pizza, I read them a Janet Dogwoman story, I read a bit of my book, and then accidentally played Cyberpunk for four hours when I’d intended thirty minutes. Duh.

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