A visit to the optician

After school today I took La Serpiente to the optician, where an eye examination determined she did indeed need glasses. La Serpiente was probably more pleased about this than I was, giving her glasses, which she believes make you look smarter. So we should be happy for that.
It was indicated that lots of reading might make her eyesight worse, and so we need to keep an eye on this; La Serpiente’s enthusiastic two hour reading marathons each morning are not the best thing for her eyes. She gets her glasses some time next week, just in time for our camping trip, and hopefully doesn’t lose them in the following four weeks.

Afterwards, as she’d been mostly good, I took her to the cupcake shop to pick out cupcakes for everyone. We went home and while I stressed about work, everyone watched a Studio Ghibli film about flying castles (not Howl’s Moving Castle, surprisingly enough) and then screamed when it was time for bed. I must also remember not to buy La Serpiente cupcakes, because she only eats the frosting and doesn’t touch the actual cake.

We began reading Danny The Champion Of The World tonight, and in a confusing metatextual moment, it starts with Danny’s father telling him the story of the BFG, which we just finished. So far, the kids are delighted. What will I read after Dahl?

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