A war of attrition

I did my utmost to wear everyone out today. First, I took La Serpiente to her climbing lesson. She was in a super ebullient mood, rushing around the apartment and managing to knock her sister into the furniture before we left, and then she seemed to climb well through her lesson. I did some bouldering but was feeling quite weak (or worn out – I’ve been hard at it, one way or another, since Wednesday) so I was glad when it was time for us to stop, have coffee and then head to the National Gallery to meet Destroyer.
We didn’t actually see anything at the National Gallery apart from a bit of lunch and then taking the girls to an interactive room where they could make prints, which meant both of them were soon covered in ink. Then I had to herd them back through the public transport system of Singapore to get them home in time to go out again for swimming.

Somewhere in there I managed to fit in a nap and to order a salad from Pizza Express, and then we were rushing off to the swimming pool. The skies were threatening rain and my sinuses were aching, but we got both kids through their lessons, calmed Destroyer down after a red ant bit her foot, and then got everyone home again.

I was exhausted, the kids doubly so, and so I tried to get them to sleep, at which point La Serpiente began to howl and scream because she’d had no time with her mother today, and Destroyer then began to grumble that the racket was making her ears hurt. Thankfully, they both fell asleep within fifteen minutes and I could spend the rest of the evening watching Bojack Horseman.

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