A washout

It rained, and rained, and rained today. This is normal for the Pacific Northwest, but it still meant we were confined to the house all day. I started with a call at 8am so I couldn’t have taken the kids to school regardless, but still this sapped my spirits somewhat and I found it hard to concentrate this afternoon.
Still, I got things done, I guess. Only five pull ups today, so I need to apply more effort for the rest of the week so I’m stronger when I go climbing next.

I watched a documentary on veganism this evening on Netflix, and it made all kinds of arguments in favour of not eating meat, but principally in terms of showing very strong people who didn’t eat meat, picking up a car and rolling it over, winning cycle races and having their erections measured. No, really that was a thing. My wife grew sick of it eventually, wanting a film that didn’t tell her she couldn’t eat meat, but it wouldn’t let up. One of those days to feel smug about being a vegetarian, or a day to contemplate giving up dairy?

I don’t know but regular as clockwork, La Serpiente came down at midnight and demanded to sleep with us. My wife hid in the toyroom and I put her back to bed.

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