A wedding in Singapore and thoughts on optimists

Today friends of ours got married, so we went to witness them at the Registry of Marriages (ROM) – which is next to the Registry of Muslim Marriages (ROMM). It’s a little strange; you wait inside a building with lots of hearts on the walls, and every fifteen minutes or so a bell chimes and a number comes up, rather like you’re waiting at the delicatessen counter of a supermarket to ask for some sliced meat. When our turn came up, we went into a well-lit room with lots of chairs and it took about 4 minutes for the person in charge to ask the questions (do you? do you too?) and then we left by another door. Which is efficient, if not especially romantic.
There are some instructions when you arrive at the ROM (and, I assume, at the ROMM). You need to wear suitable attire to match the solemnity of the situation. For men, this includes a shirt and trousers. Having to say this implies that people have wandered up to the ROM without either of those items of clothing. They must have been incredible optimists to believe that they could still get married when they weren’t dressed sufficiently to get served a burger at McDonald’s. Ah well, hope springs eternal in a young man’s breast.

Afterwards, I took a few photos of the happy couple, and then we went down to Luke’s, an oyster bar near our flat, where we drank champagne and beer. This is pretty catastrophic on a Thursday afternoon when you’re as much of a lightweight as I am; by about five I was a shambling husk of a man, and had to slink off home to deal with the children.

The table next to us was occupied by four big, fat men in matching pink shirts, who were consuming an incredible amount of booze and (possibly) talking about business. It’s one of the inspiring miracles of the modern world that industries still exist where work can (and possibly should) be conducted by a bunch of lads who are at least half-pissed, rambling on in the confines of a high-class oyster bar. Who knows what part of the world they were rearranging?

I am exhausted now, and about to fall asleep. La Serpiente has a cough,but was so tired she fell asleep while coughing. I hope (although I’m not optimistic) that she sleeps through the night. I really need to.

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  1. I can personally vouch for the fact that being somewhat lubricated enhances your performance in these professions: teaching, sorting mail and cold-calling. Not so much with PowerPoint presentations or conference calls with clients.

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