A weekend

On Saturday, I played two games of Blood Bowl on top of a rickety wooden table outside a cidery in Snohomish, and strangely after that all day I kept seeing things in terms of Blood Bowl and the right dice to roll, which is jolly confusing when you’re at a fundraiser for your school and trying to eat a sandwich. Ok, maybe the beer contributed too.
Today, feeling a little jaded with the world, we went to see friends visiting from Vancouver, hanging out in Volunteer Park for a time, then I dashed over to drop off some supplies for the homeless camp I try to help with, and then rushed back to tend to my family. We ended up spending the evening in a Mexican restaurant down in South Lake Union that I’d been past many times when working there, but never been into. It was predictably good, making me wish we’d been there before, and then we drove home, put the kids to bed, and zonked out.

It was also sunny all day, which was the first time this year that has happened. I guess summer is finally arriving.

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