Achievement unlocked: cycling daughter

La Serpiente slept in our bed, so I tried to sleep next to her but couldn’t, and as my wife had taken the sofa, I ended up sleeping on the floor of the toy room. I woke up at 8ish, started the day with a dreadful game of Blood Bowl where my team could do nothing right and I lost 2-0 (but at least nobody permanently died) and then went out for a pancake breakfast with the family.
Possibly the Blood Bowl match had robbed me of my appetite, because I didn’t feel like eating anything. I had a coffee on the way home, then pumped up La Serpiente’s tyres as she wanted to ride to the school playground with me.

We rode there, and she did several circuits of the playground, and I was proud that when she eventually fell off by sliding on some wood mulch, she got back up and kept riding again, unfazed by banging herself up. I got her to ride 5 blocks north, uphill, to one of our local coffee shops, where I bought her a hot chocolate and a cookie, and then made her ride another five blocks north to the bike shop, where I got her the basket she wanted for the front of her bike, and a new helmet as her old one was… well, old. Well old in fact.

We rode back, making this the longest I think she’s ever ridden, and apart from a few moments, she didn’t stop until we got home. Taking her out to play at the playgym near our old apartment may have been too much, as by then he was floppy and exhausted, and we had to put both kids down before 7. Or maybe we were too tired too.

That left me to go climbing, drop the enormous car I’d rented for the weekend back to the rental office, buy some fruit for tomorrow, and then walk home. I think that properly wore me out too.

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