I sat in the front room of our friends’ bungalow today, and saw a UPS driver stop to take photos of our new car. He seemed almost as excited about it as I am. The girls had their first ride in it today, coming back from the supermarket with groceries, and they were also pleased with it, so I can be glad the family are happy with their future transportation.
I had a blood test this morning that required fasting, and as that was at 10:15 I had about a 16 hour gap since last I ate, leaving me very grumpy. Somehow I managed to avoid yelling at anyone – it was probably the doughnut I rewarded myself with that saved me. Or everyone else.

Our house is ready to be moved into. The dust sheets are gone from the living room and the upstairs, the kitchen worktops are ready to use, there’s an enormous dust sheet blocking the back of the house from the front. So I hope we’re approaching the end game – my wife, meanwhile, can no longer imagine a time when it’s done. So, I guess, we all move forward at different speeds.

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