Adventures in air conditioning

Today the HVAC subcontractor started work, installing our new heating and air conditioning system, and putting the ducts in place to guide the cool or warm air around our house. I was upstairs getting stuff and could hear them working away.

Well, I could hear them listening to nu-metal (which is now at least twenty years old) and there was a very strong smell of solvents. So either they were installing things, or they were sniffing glue and listening to Limp Bizkit.

Not wanting to be judgemental, I went back this evening to see that most of the ducting seems to be complete, although I’m unclear how much will be concealed in ceilings and walls, and where we’re going to see huge pipes protruding. For the sake of my sanity, I should avoid looking again for a while.

I am getting my wisdom teeth out on Thursday (so we put some stuff into the house, take some stuff out of my mouth, call it equilibrium). I’ve taken the day off, but I’m planning to work on Friday. This might turn out to be a terrible idea. Then again, we also have to move house this weekend, I have a Blood Bowl tournament to go to … Lots and lots of busy things to do.

But we have heating (soon). Next step, get the wiring all done, then retreat to a safe distance. Or celebrate my birthday. How fast the year rumbles on …

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