Adventures in cake

Either because I was dehydrated, I slept in too long, or I hadn’t drunk enough coffee, I woke with a stinking headache. Water and coffee and moving around eventually helped, and then I had to drive my wife to the dentist for a deep clean, which meant 90 minutes in the chair for her while they sanitised the back of her mouth.
While she was gainfully employed, I was at home trying to make a cake. Usually I’d be careful and prep all the ingredients before I started, rather than getting covered in flour and then discovering I didn’t know where the cocoa powder was and having to send Destroyer to beg some from our next door neighbour.

Of course, that’s not just a function of being alone and stressed; later this afternoon when my wife was back, I managed to start the mixer to make icing without securing the bowl, and sprayed sugar across the kitchen.

Oh, and I may have used salted butter by mistake, and didn’t bake the cakes for long enough. So a litany of disaster.

I still need to coat it in ganache, so on New Year’s Eve we’ll discover if this was a failure or a success…

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