After the fair

Although for a change the girls didn’t come in to wake us in the middle of the night (La Serpiente made one abortive effort but I carried her back to her own bed) I still felt exhausted today. I made the mistake, I think, of riding to work and felt even more tired once I was there. Coffee, it turned out, didn’t help to winch me from the depths of fatigue.
La Serpiente had her first after school class today, using Lego for STEM. I have mixed feelings ; it’s great to be able to start on science and technology from a young age, but what about just playing with Lego? Anyway, she was excited.

I was less excited to get a call from the school office at 230, telling me to collect her. I was worried she had done something awful or got sick, but we’d got our dates wrong and Lego doesn’t start until next week. So I got vaguely scolded by the office staff, then chased up my wife to go and retrieve La Serpiente.

I got a ride home in a car rather than ride my bike back. I regret this because I probably could have done with the exercise, but at least I was home in time to not miss Destroyer and La Serpiente breakdancing to the Ultramagneric MCs. And then Destroyer falling down stairs for the first time, which upset her disproportionately.

And now, eyes closing, off to bed.

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  1. Have you tried eating Huel? That did a lot for my tiredness, I think I was lacking vitamins and protein. I am positively hyperactive some days now. Although my life is a lot less hectic and tiring than yours so it might just be that.

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