All over the place

I woke up feeling a bit rough today (getting to sleep at 3am will do that to you) and then the day was a bit of an odd one; the kids were good, or bad, or somewhere in between, but it was raining so they were cooped up inside – what would you expect?
I hired a car today but I did it at the last minute, so when I got to Enterprise they were actually out of vehicles. I went to the cafe nearby, browsed the local toy shop, picked up groceries and returned to find the only car they had to offer me was a Dodge Challenger, a ludicrous muscle car about the size of a small white boat, with two doors. So that’s how I’m transporting the girls to the pumpkin patch tomorrow.

In the afternoon, the weather got a bit better and so we stayed indoors emptying boxes – we’re close to completion, and I finally found all my paints for my Blood Bowl teams languishing in a box labelled ‘ornaments’ so that made me very happy, and that was before a neighbour donated a bookshelf which fits perfectly in our kitchen. So the house is really starting to feel like it’s coming together.

After I got the kids to bed tonight (much less complaining from Destroyer that I’m not her mother, which is nice after a week of crying) I went bouldering for an hour, after which my hands were sore, my forearms were swollen, and they’d run out of delicious snacks at the cafe, so I came home and played Blood Bowl.

And that was Saturday.

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