All over the place

The day began with that lovely golden sunshine that Seattle is blessed with. And then the sky turned black and it poured with rain. And then the sun came out. And then more rain. By three in the afternoon when there was hail, a thunderstorm and a beautiful rainbow in the space of thirty minutes, I guessed God was just exasperated and hammering the reset button on the meteorological machine.

And then it stayed raining for hours.

In the morning I took La Serpiente climbing, and she wa also manic for the first twenty minutes or so. She has retained a lot of what she learned in Singapore, which is gratifying. I’m not sure when we should go again – I don’t want it to be forced on her, but she needs regular exposure in order to improve.

We left, got doughnuts, biscuits, messed around at home and then I ran off to help with the homeless down south. There was a sweep by the city that forced a group of them to all move away from where they’d parked their RVs, and as a result the place where usually we met people to distribute supplies was empty; in the space of an hour we saw about five people. This included a family living out of a minivan, including a kid maybe La Serpiente’s age – once again we have to remember how lucky we are.

This evening I went climbing on my own. I tried a 4×4 set: you do four problems without stopping, rest for two minutes, then do them again. And again, and then once again. After sixteen minutes I was basically broken, so I did a couple of other problems then came home to lie on the sofa in agony. A good day, really.

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