An easy day

Today we had two parties for the girls, with different friends visiting in the morning to dress up and play in the house, and then in the afternoon a hungover friend brought round her daughter and the girls all splashed in some water in the back garden.
I got up early this morning and went for a run, doing a little bit under an hour, at a gentle pace. Last time, perhaps I overdid it early on, so I’m trying to wear myself back into things gently this time.

What I forgot to do was eat after my run. I had a bit of yoghurt and some toast before I went out, but only black coffee on my return, and so when I went out at midday to pick up fruit, I suddenly came over light headed and faint at the fruit store. Perhaps it was all the reasonably priced fruit. Thankfully, a sandwich and a glass of water when I got back saved me from further conniptions.

The girls, exhausted by play, needed no melatonin tonight, both falling asleep without complaint. I’m not sure we can repeat this trick tomorrow.

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