An efficient Saturday

My wife took the girls to the Botanic Gardens to scooter around, while I went climbing, and inadvertently ripped the skin around the first knuckle of my right ring finger. Serve me right for lunging at a hold when I didn’t have a good chance of sticking it.
We met at the Gardens for lunch, then my wife went off to get some personal time while I spent a couple of hours with friends, while our children played. The children were angelic, I was near to fainting (a small salad for lunch is not a good idea after a long time climbing) and then, with the threat of rain in the air, I took the girls to their swimming classes.

It’s always amazing how much they’ve progressed. La Serpiente can now do passable freestyle for 6 or 7 metres (although her breathing is even worse than mine) and Destroyer is not far behind. I tried to get time to read my book but spent the hour feeding children snacks, and then meeting back up with my wife.

The kids were broken; on Thursday they had an outing to Gardens By The Bay, on Friday seven hours at the zoo, and today’s extravaganza of scooting and swimming really wore them out. I didn’t feel guilty sneaking off for a haircut because I knew they’d be easy to put to bed tonight.

And so it was. I got an hour to relax in a chair, and reduced my beard to reasonable dimensions, and the children were fast asleep by the time I got home. What a very efficient Saturday.

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