An end to the week

This was another good day for me. My credit card arrived in the mail, I got the PIN reset on my debit card so I can actually use it, and I had the last game of the season in my online Blood Bowl league and flunked a 2-1 win. I might still be languishing at the bottom of the division as in previous seasons, but having lost only 5 of my seven games and winning two of them is the best result the team has ever had. I wonder if this means that by playing a hard team, I’ve learned anything that is applicable to when I play with easier teams. Probably not.
As I now have a credit card, I went down to REI to see what I could buy. REI is an enormous store full of all the outdoor equipment one could hope to buy, so I was a little dismayed to find there was nothing I wanted to buy. Have I finally reached a point where I no longer strive for physical possessions? It would be nice if that were true. Maybe I just don’t like flannel shirts or kayaking trousers very much.

Anyway, I went home shortly after that, confused and startled. Tomorrow I’m back to looking at houses once more, and probably playing a lot of Blood Bowl. Make hay while the sun shines, or something.

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