An evening in

This Monday I bought an electric cargo bike, because there was a $200 discount and I believe if I have this, I’ll commute by bike more often. Having an electric motor means the ascent home every day should be less onerous, and the generous cargo capacity means I should be able to transport La Serpiente to school.
While I was out at the office today, FedEx delivered a 95kg cardboard box containing the bike, which I dragged inside just before my children got home.

They were very excited because they thought it was the Christmas tree, but almost as excited when they realised there was packaging inside the box, because they love bits of foam to play with. Destroyer has been prancing around with her robot chair, a right angle of foam that is her latest source of joy.

I put the kids to bed, fell asleep and then got up and started work on the bike. After half an hour, I found the supplied toolkit, which made things easier, and after two hours of listening to YouTube and screwing things together, I think the bike is almost ready.

It came with YouTube videos as an instruction manual, and I prefer written instructions that I can refer to more efficiently, but I think it’s mostly put together, although they didn’t supply a torque wrench and yet all the instructions have very specific torque amounts. And the brakes are American style (the wrong way round) so I need to fix that. But otherwise, I’m super excited to have a new, more powerful means of transport. I wonder how many times I need to ride it to work to justify my purchase..

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