An evening of things

I went back to Half Moon this evening and spent half an hour on the stationary bike again, fairly miserable but accelerated by listening to Blackpink on my headphones as I pedalled away. At least with this injury I’m getting some cardiovascular exercise.
I drove home, painted some more yellow onto my Blood Bowl orc team (now getting closer to their planned Wimbledon FC 1988 strip) and then my wife and I watched the last episode of this season of Bob’s Burgers.

In this, the eponymous Bob takes his elder daughter, Tina, to see an analogue of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, a movie he saw when he was 13, just like her, that he hopes to bond with her over. But due to peer pressure she ends up bringing four of her friends with her, typically awful teenagers who pressure her into playing a stupid game ("Drinking or Not Drinking?") and ruin the film for her and Bob.

My wife and I were welling up at this point, with me wondering if I need to make La Serpiente watch this straight away so she understands not to do this. But that’s a terrible idea. I mean, it was 10:30, and it’s a school day tomorrow.

I played a game of Blood Bowl and didn’t lose, which pleasingly reduced my lose rate this year to exactly 50% again. And then to bed.

Tomorrow, La Serpiente gets to show the wasp’s nest we found in our porch to her class. I hope that inspires some entomologists.

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