And back again

I got up at 5:45 this morning so I’d be at the climbing gym for 6am.

The climbing gym doesn’t open until 6:30.

Luckily I checked before leaving the hotel, but that was still extra sleep I sacrificed. I felt a bit sad about that but got an Uber down there and climbed for about an hour, dreadful coffee swishing round my veins. There is a rubbish coffee shop, and a "parklet", the saddest arrangement of six bar stools and some pot plants for public enjoyment that I’ve ever witnessed, next to Dogparch Boulders. I had my coffee, looked at the chairs, then went climbing.

When I was worn out and couldn’t do problems I’d managed earlier that day (I think I topped out with maybe one V3, the rest V2 at best) I went back to the hotel in another Uber.

Either there was something wrong with the car or the driver but part way there a guff of disgusting, eggy stench filled the car. I spent the rest of my journey gagging silently.

After that start, the rest of the day couldn’t help but be better. I left San Francisco in first class, in the very first row of the plane. That would be nice, but it also afforded me a good view of the maintenance staff trying, and repeatedly failing, to get the door of the aircraft to close properly. A man yanking ineffectually on a lever is not the last thing you want to see before take off.

Still, home now. I’ve missed it so.

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